About Us​

Welcome to Omnia Agency​

The UK’s Leading SEO Specialists For The Most Competitive Industries.

Who Are We​

Omnia Agency LTD is a leading SEO agency, formed out of Bettor Media which was a recognised brand that specialised in iGaming and Sports Betting SEO. We have an excellent reputation for delivering results with a friendly, transparent service.

Our Mission​

Our mission is simple, we want to deliver excellent results for our clients. We aim to improve visibility and sales for all client across all niches, at a competitive price too. We aim to build long working relationships with customers that need our support.

What We Do

Link Building​
Website Development​
Content Creation & Optimisation
Keyword Research​
SEO Audits​
Technical SEO​

Our Process​



The first step is to conduct a technical audit on your website to outline any immediate/ long term changes that can be made to improve your website’s health.



The next step is about uncovering the potential issues on your website and consulting with you as to which practices would be best to implement. No changes are made without client permission.



Once everything has been agreed between Omnia and the client, it’s time to implement the changes to the site and perform SEO best practices that are guaranteed to improve your website.



After the improvements have been made, we expect to see impressive increases in your search engine rankings and conversions, leading to an excellent ROI.



Every client gets an in-depth report tailored to their websites and the outcome of the work we have delivered. We use a number of tools to track progress.



Admire your website as it grows and becomes more competitive in it’s niche! Continue to implement SEO, an everchanging market and stay on top of your game!

Why Choose Us?​

Omnia Agency have a substantial amount of experience in the SEO industry. We are the leading SEO agency for iGaming and Sports Betting. Our client base consists of some of the biggest brands in the industry that operate on a global scale.

As a transparent and friendly company, our aim is to help as many websites as we can, no matter how big or small the website. We are honest with our clients, letting them know cost estimations, delivery expectations and giving them an insight into how we operate, so they can teach their in-house SEO team as well.

Andrew Walker


Andrew is one of the co-founders and director of Omnia Agency. He prides himself off his excellent client support and relationship building. He also has an obsession for football and fitness.

James Meadowcroft


James is another co-founder and director of Omnia Agency. He is eagle-eyed when it comes to all things SEO and goes above and beyond for clients. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about food or computers.

Our Values

You should expect our values to be reflected in our work.





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